Real Estate – What’s in It for Me?

As Americans, we have the opportunity to pursue our personal happiness and prosperity. For many people this means starting and running a business. There are hundreds of new business ventures formed every day across the country. In fact, experts estimate that there are currently over 25 million small businesses throughout the country generating new jobs and contributing to our economy.

So, “Why invest in real estate?” Real estate investing is one of the easiest ways and historically, has been one of the most successful ways, to achieve financial independence. With a relatively small monetary investment and some sweat equity, it is possible to generate a substantial profit. Take a moment and consider the list of the richest 400 Americans in the world, as composed by Forbes magazine. Literally dozens and dozens of people on this list made their fortune in real estate. We certainly can’t guarantee that one day you’ll be on this list of the richest Americans, but we can teach you some of the principles these fabulously rich men and women used to achieve their wealth.

Real estate investing has a bright future. Real estate in the US has been a solid investment vehicle for many years. Since World War II home prices have increased dramatically in the United States. There have been relatively brief periods in which the price of homes has declined, such as the current period, but over the long run real estate investing has been a very successful and lucrative endeavor for many people.

Purchasing real estate is much more than just finding the right place to call home. In fact, one in four residential homes are bought as an investment property. While being a real estate investor is occasionally stressful, it can also be very financially rewarding.

Investing in real estate has become increasingly profitable over the last fifty years and has become a common investment vehicle, although often misunderstood or underutilized by many. Real estate as an investment takes on many forms from single-family homes to multi-family apartment and condo complexes, or commercial properties including office space, industrial warehouses, and retail space. The investment can be purchased and owned directly, or through various kinds of partnerships and investment trusts.

As we all know, real estate is often discussed in the news media. Frequently there are reports and statistical information pertaining to new home sales or “hot markets” across the country. Reports may show how interest rates affect real estate prices, and other complementary markets such as consumer finance and lending. There is always a great deal of hype in the media when it comes to real estate, and this hype and chatter can come from both reliable and unreliable sources.

Do not get caught up in the chatter from news organizations about real estate values or interest rates. Instead, stay focused on local markets and other markets you may have a specific interest in. Just the same way a home in your neighborhood may be a great buy right now, consider and realize there are thousands of neighborhoods across America with thousands of homes that are just as good of deals as the one in your neighborhood.

Do not let the media “noise” affect your emotions and decision-making, and thereby affect your potential profits. Many investors have gone against the grain and invested in real estate in what the media may refer to as a “less than desirable” area or market, and consequently have made personal fortunes.

Using a stock market analogy, when would you suspect is the best time to buy stock? At a 52 week high? Sometime that can be a successful strategy, but more often you want to buy when a stock is trading well below its actual worth, which is more likely to occur when it is down or in a slump. The same idea applies to real estate. Many people are fearful about buying in a down market for many reasons, but mostly because prices are falling. This is due to the surplus of inventory in the marketplace. When a market is saturated with countless homes or properties for sale, it means that inventories are up. The basics of free market economics apply. When there is a surplus of property on the market, sellers are forced to adjust prices lower to attract potential buyers. This is the law of supply and demand. Buyers will only buy property at a price that they think is reasonable.

With so many houses on the market, home-buyers and investors alike have an historic opportunity to dictate the price they feel is reasonable. This is what is commonly referred to as a buyer’s market. It translates into huge financial upside potential to those who recognize such an opportunity.

Turnkey Internet Businesses and Universal Facts About Making Money Online

I have spent the better part of the past three years studying how to generate income online using a very sophisticated turnkey business model. Over the course of that time I have learned a lot about people, marketing and product lines that sell.

I have learned dozens of different marketing tactics and today use two or three consistently. I’ve spoken with hundreds of folks about internet business and helped countless people earn their first checks from their online business. I have also learned which products sell and which ones don’t.

There is a huge misconception about what turn key businesses are. People think that turnkey means that you get started, pay a few hundred or thousand bucks and SHAZAM, the cash starts coming in and voila, your rich. It just doesn’t happen that way.

In talking to people who make four or five thousand dollars a month and they tell me they would like to make fifty thousand a month, yet only have five hundred dollars to invest, something is wrong with that thought process.

I can’t blame folks for thinking that wayy. There are some shady marketers out there that make outlandish income claims that are false. This gives people a false sense of what is really possible. You rarely see anyone sharing with you the amount of money they had to invest to generate $100K a month. It’s something like $25K to pull in that kind of income.

What you have to realize is that this is real business. It is no different then you opening a Burger King. You will need to come up with at least five hundred thousand for a down payment and then another five hundred thousand to finish the project. Your going to need another few hundred thousand just to get the doors open, buy equipment, pay the employees, etc.

It is no different in internet marketing. You are going to need capital and a monthly budget for marketing. You are also going to have to learn a whole new skill set.

If you are going to get into an online business, you had better be good at two things: Marketing and talking to people.

If your just not willing to get really good at both of these things, this business is just not right for you.

When you first get started in business, you are going to have to put some sweat equity in. You have to create momentum and do whatever it takes for months and sometimes years to master new skills, overcome challenges and become a master marketer.

To have a successful turnkey business, you need two things in place. Leverage and Automation.

It is only these two things that will allow you to have the time and the money together.

If you are consistently being laid off from jobs, due to company downsizing, rightsizing and leftsizing, don’t you think it’s crazy to keep going back for another job?

For me, It got to the point to which I was tired of being a slave to someone elses dream. I felt out of control counting on someone else to write my paycheck for me to survive. I took it into my own hands and made some drastic changes.

You too will have to change some things in your life to become successful. If you had all the answers, you would already be living the life of your dreams.

There are many ways to make money online and I am not saying that a turnkey internet business is the end all solution. Its just the one I have used to generate multiple thousands of dollars each month.